Scholarships and college info:

Cappex– Great website for seeing how likely you are to make it into the colleges and universities you are interested in. They offer scholarships too.

CollegeBoard – SAT help, college planning help and information on the colleges you’re interested in.

FastWebHighly recommend it. It has so much info about college stuff and tons of scholarships that match up with your interests.

GoCollege – Info on higher education options after high school, college admissions, college life, and financial aid.

Guaranteed Scholarships – This website gives a list of scholarships available to students planning to attend a certain college or university (Note: not every college/university is included). Their website says, “By guaranteed scholarships, we mean those which are unlimited in number, and require no interview, essay, portfolio, audition, competition or other ‘secondary’ requirement.”

“Green” Colleges – A list of the top 10/ top 20 out of 135 colleges that are “eco-enlightened”.– It’s very similar to FastWeb, but I have found that this website has some scholarships that FastWeb does not.

SparkCollege – Admissions, test prep, financial aid and college life.

StudentEdge – Lots of good information and they often hold contests where you have a chance at winning a $1000 scholarship from just logging in daily!

Unclaimed Scholarships – A blog that tells you about the scholarships that often go unnoticed and obviously unclaimed. These scholarships are the way to go because the less competition you have, the more likely you’ll win!

ZinchHighly recommend it. This website is awesome! Colleges try to recruit you and get you interested in their school. Zinch tells you about scholarships and offers some of its own. Zinch’s motto is “I am more than a test score” because Zinch is all about colleges picking you for the REAL you and not your score on the SAT or ACT.

32 Weird Scholarships – I don’t qualify for these, but you might!

College Life: College Life – Info on college, your first year, academics, money and more.

Surviving College Life – Full of tips for college students from a previous college student.

What to Take to College – It’s just a list of things you should take to college.

Financial aid:

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Highly recommend it. A way to get some money for college from the government.

FinAid – Information about FAFSA, military aid, scholarships, loans and more.

Financial Aid Finder – Info on FAFSA, financial aid, scholarships, loans, writing essays and more.

KnowHow2GoA website that wants to help you get into college no matter how much it costs.

Scholarship America – Lots of good financial aid/ scholarship info. – Info on applying to college, getting financial aid, and paying back loans.


Pickett & Hatcher – A private loan company.

Studentloans.govHighly recommend it. Sign up to receive a federal loan and learn all about how they work, what they cover, and how to repay the money you borrow. Federal loans are a smart way to pay for college. Read the Loan Programs Fact Sheet.

Simple Tuition– Helps you find good prices on student loans by allowing you to compare prices on Federal PLUS loans and private loans.


Bigwords.comHighly recommend it. Find the cheapest book  by comparing all textbook websites on the internet in one place. A great way to find the cheapest price on the textbooks you need! – Another way to save money on textbooks: renting them. – Save money by renting your textbooks.

Chegg – Rent textbooks! Save money! AND they plant a tree every time you rent or sell a textbook! 🙂 – Buy textbooks for a cheaper price or sell your old books.

If you know of any good websites that I should add to this list, please let me know.

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  1. Posted by Abby on April 4, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    This page is soooooooooooooo HELPFUL!!! THANK YOU!!!


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