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Have you been accepted yet?

After being admitted [or rejected :(] to all the colleges you have applied to, you will need to pick the college you want to go to.  For some it’s a tough decision. You have to narrow it down to just one. I was stuck between two colleges. How did I decide? I visited both the campuses. I found I liked one more than the other after seeing both the campuses. I picked the college with the smaller campus. But maybe you prefer a larger campus.

Visit the campuses!! It’s a VERY GOOD IDEA! You might be living there for a few years, so you better make sure you like it! Usually people walk through a house before they buy it, so shouldn’t it work the same for college?

After picking a college, you will need to accept your admission. You need to tell the college people that you’ll be attending their school! Then you can start getting ready by registering for classes, making housing arrangements and getting any financial aid.

Lately I’ve been working on scholarships and getting my reservations made for a dormroom this fall. There is some really nice off-campus housing by my college, but I am for sure living on-campus for my freshman year.

I’m so excited for college! I can’t wait until I can start registering for classes!!!


Links page

I created a “links” page so that there’s a list of recommended websites. I’ll keep adding to it as I find more websites or get any recommendations. If it’s a recently added website, it will be marked like this: *New*. I think that’s a no-brainer.

There’s already 10 new links since I started that page yesterday!

And I feel silly for saying this, but I am not paid to recommend any of these websites. I just want to help others get a college education by sharing what I’ve learned.

Ka ka ka college!

Today, I want to talk to you about college applications. When I was younger, I was convinced that college apps were super hard and I would need tons of help. Uh what college was I planning on applying to?!! College applications aren’t that hard. These days, colleges offer online applications. Which is awesome because it’s way easier to fix your mistakes and once you’re done, you just send it off with a click. No need to worry about it getting lost in the mail! Some colleges even offer applications without any app fees or essays. I applied to a couple of schools like that just because the app was free and easy. I got into both schools. They were both private schools too. Haha! My recommendation is to get your application in as soon as possible. If that school offers an early admission thing, definitely take advantage of that! It’s so great to be done with college apps by the time your 2nd semester of your senior year comes around. The less you have to worry about, the better, right?!