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Scholarship Books

A while ago I purchased “Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2010”. That book is huge! It has tons of scholarships! So if you want a huge paperback book filled with millions of chances of free money for college, I recommend it. Buy it on Amazon.

Today, I found out about a book called “The Best Kept Secrets for Winning Scholarships”. Amazon offers a free preview, so I looked at that. It looks like a book worth buying. At the very least, I recommend looking at the free preview. Buy it on Amazon.

Also, the book “Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2010” is published through the company Peterson’s. I recommend registering for their website StudentEdge because by just logging in daily, you have a chance at winning a $1000 scholarship!



Ugh scholarships. I hope I win some money. Then my efforts won’t be in vain. There’s just always someone better than me that wins. Darn you amazing people. Congratulations, though. I wish you the best.

Here are the websites I use for finding scholarships and college info:
FastWebHighly recommend it. It has so much info about college stuff and tons of scholarships that match up with your interests.– It’s very similar to FastWeb, but I have found that this website has some scholarships that FastWeb does not.

Cappex– Great website for seeing how likely you are to make it into the colleges and universities you are interested in. They offer scholarships too.

ZinchHighly recommend it. This website is awesome! Colleges try to recruit you and get you interested in their school. Zinch tells you about scholarships and offers some of its own. Zinch’s motto is “I am more than a test score” because Zinch is all about colleges picking you for the REAL you and not your score on the SAT or ACT.

32 Weird Scholarships – I don’t qualify for these, but you might!